Want to
understand the
cost of meetings?

Do you have robust procedures for expense claims, but nothing to help you monitor the cost of people in a meeting room?

Welcome to Boondoggl.

How it works

It could not be simpler to bring awareness to the cost of meetings

Set up an account

Whether you are using Google add-ons or Outlook add-ins Boondoggl provides analysis for both applications.

Organise your team into groups

Allocate your team mates into leadership, management or supervisory positions. The naming convention is down to you.

Simple, informative insights

Ensure meetings create as much value as they cost to hold

Apply company terms

Complete the business specification to include holidays and working hours.

Book meetings, click for their cost

Click on any meeting in your calendar and the cost of those people attending for that duration is displayed for everyone to see.

Introducing business intelligence

Simple, affordable pricing

You know meetings need to exist, but start to understand their costs and improve working practices to encourage fewer, better meetings which will create happier, more productive employees.



1 – 10 Employees



11 – 24 Employees



25 – 99 Employees



100 – 249 Employees



250+ Employees