About Us

Boondoggl was launched following the founding teams experience working in large corporates, start-ups, and scale-ups. One thing was consistent in every organisation they worked in, and that was the tendency to hold a lot of meetings.

What became interesting was that to claim small expenses back the process was long and arduous. Forms needed to be completed, signed by a manager, receipts attached, and everything coded to management accounts.

On the flip side, it was ok to hold a meeting with 10+ people in a room and have no oversight as to the cost of it, or the outcome it delivered. This got the team even more curious.
The team spent a few months interviewing people trying to understand the purpose of meetings, there formats, and get feedback from employees on what it was like to attend them. Again, the results were consistent; people appeared to waste a lot of time in meetings and employees were not happy.

What was also obvious, was that people didn’t associate time spent in meetings as having a cost to the business, so the idea of Boondoggl was formed.

By tracking the cost of meetings, people could start to form better meeting habits, and ensure that the cost of the meeting was in proportion to the outcomes it generated.

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