In our previous blog we highlighted 5 simple steps to take you from meeting novice to expert.  In this blog we will expand into a little more detail.

Signing up to Boondoggl takes about 5 minutes, and once assigned to HR or any department responsible for managing employee data, it can be live and providing the company a reminder of the cost of meetings.

Setting out the expectations of a company meeting is a great way to get people engaged, and by contributing, the companies culture suggests employee empowerment. Once agreed and rolled out, make sure new starters who join know what to expect. 

We suggest a company seeks to understand employee opinions on the following questions:

  1. Is a meeting necessary; is the topic better communicated another way?
  2. When is a good time for a meeting, should it be in person or remote?
  3. Who should be in a meeting and should attendance be limited?
  4. How long should it be, and should a break be allowed between meetings?
  5. What are peoples roles in the meeting; nminutes, facilitator, contributor, listener etc?
  6. Who sets the agenda and is it shared before the meeting starts?
  7. What are sensible actions taken from a meeting, to include next steps?

In our next blog we will show how tools can be used to enhance internal meetings.