Look After The Pennies

  In our previous blog we highlighted 5 simple steps to take you from meeting novice to expert.  In this blog we will expand into a little more detail. Signing up to Boondoggl takes about 5 minutes, and once assigned to HR or any department responsible for managing employee data, it can be live and… Continue reading Look After The Pennies

Added Value Not Added Cost

  No one is saying meetings are not an important part of the communication architecture within organisations, but it is important time is spent wisely. Of the issues researched and highlighted by Steven Rogelberg, none are insurmountable.  Firstly, it is crucial to realise how many meetings are taking place and what is their cost.  Steve… Continue reading Added Value Not Added Cost

Time Is Not Your Friend

After extensive research, Forbes stated that there are roughly 55 million meetings happening daily, and nearly 50% of them are a waste of time. Many businesses don’t realise that their teams time is the most important commodity their business has. If you are in meetings it is often said that “no actual work is being… Continue reading Time Is Not Your Friend